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Tools to evolve yourself and your business.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) For Small Service Businesses

15 min read Free Excel CLV Template

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value and how it affects your small service business or startup is a simple but useful tool you may be overlooking. Here’s some context, guidance on data, and a guide on how to do it.

Get Results You Want: Plan - Do - Measure

7 min read | Free PDM Spredsheet from impakt Labs

People and organizations are more likely to achieve their goals with a plan. Plan - Do - Measure is a simple method condensed from industry-leading practices which can be applied in business and life to help individuals and organizations act with purpose and achieve more.

Solving The Biggest Startup Problems, Part 1

5 min read

Our event was attended by founders of startups of various sizes who had previously submitted challenges that they have faced as entrepreneurs and how they have addressed them. Our discussion we covered several topics relevant to most businesses owners. Here’s a brief recap.

The Definitive Startup Toolbox

10 min read | Free PDF of impakt Labs's Operating Manual

These are the tools/products, processes and best practices used by impakt Labs and associated startups that enable us to maximize personal and organizational effectiveness and productivity.